Book three of the “Dreams of Fire and Gods” trilogy is in final edits!

Dreams of Fire and Gods: DreamsOr perhaps you’d say it’s done with the final edits.  I turned my last edits in yesterday, so all that remains is for Dreamspinner to put together the galley proof and me to go over it.  Then it will be done!  Look for a release date in about six weeks (mid October)!

I’m very excited about this!  The trilogy ended with a much bigger bang than I could have anticipated when I began writing Dreams two years ago. Each subsequent book expands upon the one before, adding more viewpoint characters (this one has four — I didn’t go completely insane) from different areas of the culture in the Kingdom of Dasak, so we now see what life is like for nobles (represented by Sael), peasants (Koreh), assassins (Donegh), and priests (Gonim).

We also finally talk directly with the gods (the Stronni and the Taaweh) and learn more about what motivates them and where they live.  We see the Great Hall!  We get more detail about life in the city of Harleh and we finally meet the emperor in the imperial palace!

I’m psyched!



5 thoughts on “Book three of the “Dreams of Fire and Gods” trilogy is in final edits!

  1. Ooh, sounds great!

    Just one question (and you don’t have to go into detail): Do the main characters have a HEA (Happily Ever After)? Sorry, I must ask. It’s the cheesy romance reader in me, heh. ^_^;;

  2. Oops, I think my comment got interrupted or eaten? Sorry for any typos. I’m typing on Kindle.

    Anyway, in case my previous comment didn’t get through:

    I just have to know (and you don’t have to include details, of course!): Do the main characters have a HEA (“Happily Ever After”)? The romance junkie in me must know, lol.

    • The first two or three times someone leaves a comment, I have to approve it, and I wasn’t paying attention to my notifications over the past couple days. Sorry about that! Eventually, WordPress decides that someone is “approved” and just lets their comments through, but I’m not exactly sure how that works.

      At any rate, yes! 🙂 Despite the dark ending of Fire, it was always my intention for the trilogy to end happily. There are definitely some sad moments, but all ends well!

  3. I normally dislike fantasy books but I love your book 🙂 I am going to order Fire today so I can be ready for Gods. I just finished Dreams earlier this week(review is on good reads :D)

    On an off-topic note, is Seidman standalone or apart of a trilogy/series? 🙂

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