Editing “Seiðman” and finishing the final draft of a new YA fantasy novel

I’ve made it through nine chapters of Seiðman, so far, and jotted down some notes about things to go back and double-check, as far as historical detail is concerned.

Time of day is also a big one, since Iceland only has about two hours during the summer when the sun is below the horizon and someone showed me a picture of the landscape at midnight on midsummer’s night.  It looked like twilight and the sky wasn’t dark enough to see stars.  This can really impact the story, when we’re talking about scenes in which the characters look at the stars in the sky or wake up “before sunrise.”  When, exactly, is sunrise, at that particular time of the year?  Are they waking up at 3am?

In between edits on Seiðman (which need to be turned in by the end of the week!), I’m frantically working to get my final draft of a traditional sword-and-sorcery fantasy (with gay characters, of course) called The Guardians Awaken.  It’s the first part of a trilogy, which my publisher isn’t keen on, because series are harder to sell.  But who knows?  It could take off!  She told me to submit it, anyway, along with a summary of the 2nd and 3rd books in the trilogy.

This is turning out to be a good idea, because I hadn’t realized until I tried to sum them up that I really didn’t know what happened in the next two books!  I had a general idea of how the story went, but hadn’t worked out any of the details.  My publisher only wants a page or two summary of each book, so it isn’t a huge amount of detail that I’m putting down on paper, but it’s really been helping me work out where things are going.  I have Book 2 outlined now, and I’m working on Book 3.