The cover for “Gods” has been finalized!

GodsFSHere is the cover for my new YA fantasy novel, Gods, designed by the fabulous cover artist, Paul Richmond!  (Paul designed the first two in the trilogy, as well.)  This is the third and final installment in the Dreams of Fire and Gods trilogy.

One of the things that jumps out immediately, if you’ve seen the first two covers in the series, is how misty and blue it looks, compared to the others.  That’s because the valley of Harleh, in which much of the story takes place, is enveloped in a mysterious bluish cloud cover.

The novel is scheduled for release on October 17th!  I also have a chat scheduled for that day.  I’ll post about that again when it rolls around.

New cover art for “Dreams of Fire and Gods: Fire!”

Dreams of Fire and Gods - FireI’ve just received the finalized version of the cover for book two of the Dreams of Fire and Gods trilogy (called Fire).  I absolutely love it!

Of course, it had already been decided that the artist (Paul Richmond, who also did the cover for Dreams) would try to keep the basic thematic elements of the first novel, but he did a terrific job and I’m very happy.

For Dreams, Paul symbolized the overall theme of a battle between gods of fire/light and gods of darkness (though, I should point out, not exactly “good” and “evil”) by giving us the striking image of a sun and moon merged together.  Since we see the gods of darkness much more in Dreams than we do the gods of light, the color scheme of the cover is still largely blue and dark, with clouds to symbolize the idea of dreaming.

In this novel, the gods of fire make an appearance, so Paul gave us a sense of the sun rising over the barren mountains where these gods dwell.

I can’t wait to see what the final novel cover looks like!

Dreams of Fire and Gods: Dreams has a cover!

We’ve just been through some rough drafts of the cover for book one of Dreams of Fire and Gods and this is what the finalized cover looks like!

The art is by Paul Richmond, who I’ve worked with in the past, and I think it does a great job of showing the struggle between the gods of night and the gods of the day in my fantasy kingdom of Dasak — and doing so in a way that really grabs your attention!

We’ve finished the first rounds of edits on the novel and it’s scheduled to be released on December 15th through Harmony Ink Press!